Regenerative Therapies Through Certified Unvaccinated Stem Cells & Exosomes

Unleash the power of regenerative therapy now! Explore our premium stem cells and exosomes and embark on a transformative journey towards healing and rejuvenation. Contact us today to redefine what’s possible for your clinic and your patients. Let’s rewrite the future of healthcare together!

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Revive and Renew: Unlock the Power of Certified Unvaccinated Stem Cells and Exosomes for Regenerative Therapy

Welcome to, your gateway to revolutionizing regenerative medicine. With almost a decade of clinical experience, we specialize in delivering premium quality,  unvaccinated stem cells and exosomes, harnessing the incredible potential of these groundbreaking biological wonders to unlock the body’s innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation. Our meticulously sourced and rigorously tested products have been developed with the utmost care to ensure the highest standards of safety, purity, and potency.


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Regenerative Medical Care in Full Measure

Our product offerings encompass the transformative potential of regenerative medicine. With our stem cell product, we provide the building blocks of life, harnessing the regenerative capacity of versatile stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. Through exosome therapy, we unlock the power of intercellular communication, delivering potent messengers that stimulate healing and rejuvenation throughout the body. Additionally, our Wharton’s Jelly extract offers a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, ethically derived from the umbilical cord, providing a valuable resource for regenerative treatments. With these three offerings, we empower healthcare professionals to revolutionize patient care, offering cutting-edge solutions for tissue repair, cellular communication, and regenerative healing.

Stem Cells

Introducing our groundbreaking stem cell product, a revolutionary advancement in regenerative medicine. Designed to transform the way you approach patient care, our stem cell product offers unparalleled potential for healing and rejuvenation.


Our cutting-edge exosome product is a breakthrough in regenerative medicine that is revolutionizing patient care. Harnessing the power of exosomes, our product offers a new frontier in cellular therapy, providing a multitude of benefits for tissue repair, rejuvenation, and overall well-being.

Wharton's Jelly

Derived from the gelatinous substance found in the umbilical cord of human infants, known as Wharton’s jelly, this unique extract is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and offers unparalleled potential for therapeutic applications.


Why Choose Us?


Our exceptional team is comprised of national and international experts renowned for their unparalleled proficiency and knowledge in the realm of regenerative medicine. 


We exclusively accept bio-ethically donated birth tissue from healthy consenting mothers in the United States. These remarkable women undergo rigorous medical background checks, blood screenings, and deliver full-term, live births via C-section.


BioCellSupply’s tissue bank exemplifies unwavering commitment to quality and regulatory assurance in strict accordance with FDA (Federal Drug Administration) regulations. We construct stringent protocols that act as the cornerstone for upholding these requirements, ensuring meticulous adherence. 

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Our Regenerative Therapies Will Help Your Clients!

The core beneficial premise of stem cell and exosome therapy is the potential to treat and potentially cure a wide range of diseases and conditions by utilizing the unique properties of stem cells. Administered locally or intravenuously,  stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to differentiate into specialized cells and tissues in the body. This characteristic allows them to regenerate and repair damaged or diseased tissues.

Our clients have used our therapies to treat a wide range of physical ailments.  Below are just a few of the known ailments that our therapies have shown to be effective at treating.


Stem cell treatments offer a promising approach to effectively address various age-related symptoms. By harnessing the regenerative potential of stem cells, these treatments aim to restore and rejuvenate deteriorating tissues and organs. 

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Pain Management

Stem cells and exosomes have shown tremendous potential in the field of pain management for a variety of conditions and body ailments. Both therapeutic avenues take advantage of the body’s innate repair mechanisms.

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Aesthetic | Anti-Aging

Aesthetic stem cell treatments are revolutionizing the field of cosmetic procedures, offering the potential to heal, rejuvenate, and restore the body’s youthful appearance. This revolutionary approach uses stem…

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Spine Treatment

Stem cell treatment programs aim to address the root causes of degenerative spine conditions and promote the regeneration and repair of damaged spinal tissues. 

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Stem cell therapy presents an innovative treatment approach for osteoarthritis, offering the potential for regeneration of damaged tissues and relief from the disease’s debilitating symptoms.

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Lung Disease

Stem cell treatment has emerged as a promising intervention for managing chronic lung diseases. The treatment approach offers several benefits, including the improvement of the lungs’ microenvironment…

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What Customers Say

Discover what our customers have to say about us. We believe that the best judge of our products and services are our valued customers themselves. Their feedback and experiences provide valuable insights into the quality and impact of what we offer. We take great pride in the positive relationships we have built with our customers, and we are excited to share their stories with you. Take a moment to explore these testimonials and hear firsthand how our products have made a difference in their lives and practices. We hope their words inspire confidence in our commitment to excellence and reassure you that you are in good hands.

“BioCellSupply provides the service, quality, patient satisfaction and objective results that we require to run a successful regenerative medicine clinic. It is the only product we use on our patients, our family members and ourselves. We highly recommend BioCellSupply. Using it, the results at our practice have been so outstanding that we do not even advertise. Our robust regenerative medicine program is based purely off of the referrals from other happy patients.”

Dr. Patrick Gorman

“BioCellSupply’s Stem Cells and Exosomes have provided me with the ability to live an active and abundant lifestyle that had been hindered by age and injury. Their state-of-the-art facility exceeds any other company that I have researched throughout the country. My regenerative team is planning to expand globally to help transform lives all over the world. There are no other regenerative labs that we would trust with the lives of our patients other than BioCellSupply. They continually exceed the FDA’s requirements for product compliance and their customer service and delivery is exceptional; Always available and always on time! If you’re looking to restore people’s lives so they can regain their quality of life, then BioCellSupply is the “Only” choice.”

Dr. Patrick Fioriglio

“I am an integrative physician with a very busy practice. I use BioCellSupply products including stem cells and exosomes on my patients as well as myself. have advance arthritis in my knee, cervical and lumbar spine. Using stem cells has kept me from undergoing surgery. The exosomes are a major improvement in slowing the aging curve for myself and many patients. My patients are thrilled to have the option to avoid surgery and have products that stimulate growth of new tissue. BioCellSupply products are consistent every time.”

Dr. Denise Bogard. FAARFM,  ABAARM

“As a regenerative medicine specialist, I am always happy to publicly share my testimony about how regenerative cell and tissue products have been a therapeutic foundation for the restoration of my personal pain-free and peak performance lifestyle. Moreover, regenerative cell and tissue products have consistently delivered quality of life-changing results for countless members of my family, friends, and patients. BioCellSupply is a compliant, cutting-edge laboratory whose superior regenerative cell and tissue products are outperformed only by their superior customer service. Let BioCellSupply help you and your patients get back in the game of life! Yours in great health”

Dr. Atlee T Wampler, IV D.C./MS