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Required Cryogenic Equipment

Below you will find more information on the supplies required to house and handle stem cells and exosomes at your facility. There are a variety of vendors to choose from and the bare neccessities will cost your facility around $650 (not including shipping) depending on current vendor pricing.

It's important to remember that while this equipment is necessary, it is only part of what's required to administer stem cell and exosome treatments. Proper training in handling these materials is also crucial.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Stem cells and exosomes are incredibly delicate and must be stored under very specific conditions to maintain their viability and functionality. These cells and particles need to be stored at extremely low temperatures, usually around -196°C, to slow down all metabolic activities and prevent any damage from occurring to them. The use of liquid nitrogen allows these materials to be stored at these extremely low temperatures, keeping them in a suspended state until they are ready to be used.

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Aluminum Cryocanes

Cryocanes are specific types of containers used for the storage of biological materials in cryogenic conditions. They are designed to hold cryogenic vials, which contain the stem cells or exosomes. Cryocanes enable organized storage of these vials within the liquid nitrogen tank, making it easier to locate specific vials when they are needed. They also provide an additional layer of protection for the vials, helping to prevent any accidental damage or contamination.

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Cryogenic Gloves

When working with liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic substances, safety is paramount. These substances are extremely cold and can quickly cause frostbite or other serious injuries if they come into contact with skin. Cryogenic gloves are specifically designed to protect the hands and arms of those who are handling these substances. They are insulated and made from materials that are resistant to the cold, helping to prevent injuries.

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Cryogenic Safety Goggles

Cryogenic safety goggles or glasses are another essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for those working in environments where they are handling cryogenic substances such as liquid nitrogen, which is commonly used for storing stem cells and exosomes.

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold (about -196°C or -321°F), and it can cause severe injury if it comes into contact with the body. One of the most vulnerable and critical areas that need protection are the eyes.

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