Cryogenic Gloves

Nitrogen Protective Cryogenic Gloves

Product Description

Made from state-of-the-art materials, these waterproof cryogenic gloves are designed to keep you dry and to wick moisture away from your hands, so you can work in comfort for extended periods of time.

Our multi-layered construction allows for a maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility, and dexterity – essential features when function is important and safety is critical.


  • Nylon Taslan, Ptfe, Cotton
  • The gloves with 3 layers, 2 layers are composite material Nylon Taslan and PTFE, and 1 layer is cotton.
  • All those gloves fit most hands. Glove length (finger to end): Wrist Length/13″‘, Mid Arm Length/15″, Elbow Length/19″, Shoulder Length/27″
  • Low temperature fit: -268°C~+148°C/-450℉~298℉. Cold and keep warm.
  • These gloves should be stored in a dry place
  • Can be applied in low temperature warehouse, frozen laboratory, liquid nitrogen workplace.



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