Aluminum Cryocanes

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Aluminum CryoCanes

Product Description

Cryogenic cryocanes are slender, cane-like structures that are designed to hold and organize cryogenic vials, which contain the biological materials to be preserved. They are typically structured with multiple slots or rungs that can hold several cryovials at once.

Aluminum cryocanes are made of high-quality, durable aluminum material that can withstand the extreme cold temperatures within a cryogenic storage tank. The cryocanes are lightweight due to the aluminum construction, yet they are sturdy and reliable for handling.

They are usually available in different sizes to accommodate varying amounts of vials, which means that you can choose the size that best suits your storage needs. The cryocanes are also often color-coded or numbered to allow for easy identification and organization of the stored vials.

Why Aluminum Cryogenic Cryocanes are Required:

  1. Extreme Temperature Tolerance: Aluminum is a material that is well-suited to extreme temperatures, including the very low temperatures in liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C or -321°F). This makes aluminum cryocanes durable and reliable for long-term storage of biological materials.
  2. Organized Storage: The cryocanes allow for organized storage of cryogenic vials within the liquid nitrogen tank. Each cryovial has its own slot, making it easier to locate specific samples when they’re needed. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for specific vials, which is critical when dealing with the short time frames for safely handling biological materials outside of their optimal storage conditions.
  3. Protection: Cryocanes add an extra layer of protection for the cryovials. They provide a barrier between the vials and the tank, helping to prevent any accidental damage or contamination that could potentially occur during the handling process.
  4. Efficiency: The use of cryocanes increases the efficiency of the storage and retrieval process. It is easier and faster to remove and replace a cryocane holding multiple vials than to individually handle each vial.
  5. Lightweight and Durable: Aluminum is a lightweight yet sturdy material. This makes the cryocanes easy to handle, even when they’re loaded with vials.
  6. Ease of Identification: Aluminum cryocanes can be color-coded or numbered for easy identification, further facilitating the organization and retrieval process.

Aluminum cryogenic cryocanes are critical tools for facilities dealing with the storage of stem cells and exosomes, offering a way to efficiently and safely manage these sensitive biological materials in cryogenic storage conditions.


Item: 5150E05
Mfr. No.5015-0001
Description: Cryocane Aluminum 5-Place

Quantities: 12 pack


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