Cryogenic Safety Goggles

Nitrogen Protective Vision-Cryo Safety Googles

Product Description

Cryokit® Vision-Cryo Goggles

  • Goggle for protection against drops and splashes of liquid gases, including liquid nitrogen.
  • Also protects against impact and UV rays.
  • Made with specially designed composite materials for this application. Successfully tested by prolonged contact with liquid nitrogen.
  • Comfortable fit to face giving a secure seal
  • Can be worn over prescription spectacles
  • Indirect ventilated
  • Wide field of vison optical class 1 for minimal distortion or visual fatigue
  • Wide comfortable and fully adjustable headband


Compliance: EN166, EN170 2C-1,2 U 1 B 9 KN CE

Colour: Clear lens, Blue Frame

Size: One Size

Delivery: Approx. 7-10 days 

HS Code: 9004901000

Weight: 0.10 kg

SKU: C500401

Brand: Cryokit


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